Cypress Court Grand Opening Impressions

Sitting in the July heat, listening to the speakers and looking at the six beautiful affordable apartment buildings surrounding us, it was easy to reflect on all that I had learned during the brief time I had been with The Affordable Housing Group of North Carolina, or “TAHG”. I had been hired just the year before, and Cypress Court Apartments was the first project I had worked on that had been realized, and it was the first grand opening I have attended for an affordable apartment community. It was inspiring to sit there and listen, knowing that forty-eight families now have a beautiful and safe place to call home.

Since I started with TAHG (now Mosaic Development Group), I have been fueled by the dream to provide safe housing for all people. Over the past year, I have learned that the greatest reward of working in the affordable housing industry is the opportunity to see the joy and hope in others as they move into a new apartment. For me, this was the highlight of the Grand Opening. I had the opportunity to speak to a couple of tenants and their excitement at renting a brand new apartment which they can afford was palpable. They were very happy with their new home and very pleased for what it added to the community. I was glad I could share that small moment with them and to have been a part of building Cypress Court.