A collaborative mosaic of housing and economic development services that create vibrant communities. Each component of our work is a dynamic contributor to flourishing neighborhoods and lives.

Housing Development/Preservation

The housing affordability gap continues to grow as rents escalate and older affordable units are demolished to make way for high end apartments. Learn how Mosaic can help finance and develop a variety of housing types to meet the growing needs of your community.

Technical Assistance and Consulting

Housing finance and development is a highly technical and complex process. Mosaic can provide a variety of technical assistance and consulting services to help plan and implement housing and economic development projects in your community.

Asset Management

Providing high quality housing doesn’t end when the contractor leaves and the units are leased. Maintaining your investment and ensuring long term performance for residents, investors and lenders requires owners to remain informed and involved. Learn more about the importance of real estate asset management and how it can help your property perform better.

Neighborhood Revitalization

For some communities, the issues of concentrated poverty and blight require a holistic approach to achieve meaningful and lasting revitalization. Development of high quality affordable housing is only one piece of the larger picture. Learn more about building a team of dedicated citizens, professionals and government officials to plan for meaningful change.

Economic Development/Community Facilities

We believe that healthy communities include diverse housing types at a variety of price points, opportunities for sustained employment with livable wages, and a wide array of services, amenities and community facilities. Development of facilities such as a childcare center or senior center provides both jobs and services that are a key component of healthy neighborhoods.