Mosaic is a full service real estate development firm with the ability to act as a true partner with local organizations or we can provide development services on a contractual basis. Mosaic has the experience, skills and stability to implement a variety of housing development possibilities including:

  • New Construction – The demand for high quality affordable housing is growing and cannot be met without continued development of new housing. Mosaic can provide a full scope of turn-key development services including feasibility analysis, assembly of financing, site evaluation, site and building design, and construction oversight.
  • Rehabilitation/Preservation – The preservation of existing affordable housing is critical as many older properties are being demolished or converted to market rate housing. Mosaic offers a full scope of services aimed to preserve existing affordable housing. Efforts may include coordination of a detailed feasibility analysis including: physical needs analysis, appraisal, lead based paint /asbestos testing, energy modeling, relocation, scope of work and construction oversight.
  • Adaptive Re-Use – The adaptive reuse of existing structures is an excellent way to preserve history and to bring life back to neighborhoods. The ability to take an abandoned school or mill and convert that to housing or other community use has multiple benefits to the community where it is located. Mosaic can provide a full scope of services aimed to preserve existing structures and to repurpose them for housing or other community uses.
  • Multi-family – Multifamily properties should be planned so that they fit into the fabric of the surrounding neighborhood. In some rural neighborhoods a single story duplex is appropriate, while in urban areas a multi-story building with elevators and common areas is needed.       Mosaic strives to design and develop properties that meet the needs of the community, fit into the neighborhood and will be an asset for many years to come.
  • Single-family – Single family homes can be developed as part of a planned community or can be built on in-fill lots in established neighborhoods.
  • Rental – Successful development and ownership of rental properties requires detailed analysis of the financial aspects of the project to ensure long term viability. The budgets must work for both the development/construction phase of the property and the ongoing operation of the property including management and maintenance. Mosaic has extensive experience in evaluating the financial packaging and ongoing operating costs of multifamily rental properties. Properties that were developed by Mosaic in the 1960’s are still providing high quality housing for families today.
  • For Sale – Successful for sale housing development is best achieved when paired with home ownership counseling programs at the local level. Mosaic can work with a local organization to provide housing development expertise to provide new housing options for families that have completed housing counseling training and are ready to purchase a home.

Since 1966 Mosaic is proud to have partnered in the development of thousands of housing units and has won state and national awards for our work.